If you aren’t familiar with seafood, you may not know what a raw bar is.  You may be thinking, who wants to eat raw fish?  Well, as a matter of fact – a lot of people do!  A raw bar is a small restaurant or a bar within a restaurant that offers live shellfish that are shucked and served fresh!  Raw bars typically offer a wide variety of raw and cooked seafood and shellfish served cold.

If you ever had the opportunity to visit Pawley’s Island in South Carolina, then you’ve probably heard of Pawley’s Raw Bar.  This restaurant has some of the best seafood options on the coast!  Don’t believe us?  Just take a look at all of our menu options!  We offer a wide variety of seafood, shellfish, and options like chicken and ribeye for our carnitarian friends.

The main attraction of Pawley’s Raw Bar is well – our raw bar!  We have customers who come from near and far just to get a taste of what we offer.  Shellfish are one of the best things to eat for your health and tastebuds.  Here are some fun facts about why shellfish are just SO good for you:

1. Clams! Clams!  and Clams!  The great thing about clams is that clams have a high content of vitamin B12, calcium, and protein.  This all helps prevent anemia and   They provide iron and are great for collagen synthesis.  Sound’s like a trip to Pawley’s Raw Bar should be part of your health and beauty regimen.  

2. Seafood is an aphrodisiac! Thanks to their high protein content, oysters, shrimp, mussels, and clams stimulate hormonal function!  Need we say more.

3. Oysters can relieve hangovers! Oysters contain a large amount of zinc that breaks down the ethanol and removes the toxic substances from your biological system.  Hint, we open at 11am daily.

Now… don’t you really want to hit the raw bar?  For health reasons, of course!  Now that you know just some of the benefits raw bars offer, come on down and try Pawley’s Raw Bar next time you’re in the area.  You know what they say – one raw bar a day keeps the doctor away!

The raw bar is just one option at Pawley’s Raw Bar.  If you are interested in the many other items on our menu, please visit us online here: www.pawleysrawbar.com


Pawleys Raw Bar can be found at 9448 Ocean Hwy Pawley’s Island, SC 29585

Did you know that Pawley’s Raw Bar is part of the Divine Dining Group family of restaurants?  Check out our sister restaurants, view our open staff positions, and/or purchase gift cards for your next visit here: https://divinedininggroup.com