No matter how pretty or sophisticated it may look, that slice of fruit or a few skewered olives doesn’t make the drink. Neither does a splash of soda or juice when added to a liquor. Thought to be an American creation, cocktails find a bulk of their inspiration from British punches (large bowls of liquors with fruit juices, flavors, and other additives). The word cocktail even first appeared in a British newspaper in March of 1798, but it wasn’t until 1806 that a true definition was born. 

The present-day definition of a cocktail is an alcoholic drink consisting of a spirit or several spirits mixed with other ingredients, such as fruit juice, lemonade, or cream. A cocktail should not be confused with a mixed drink. For example, a daiquiri relies on a mix to disguise the flavor of the alcohol and make it more enjoyable. A cocktail relies on the flavors of the liquor combined with the flavors of another liquor or juice to enhance the experience.

A good portion of what we use today to create cocktails comes from The Bartender’s Guide (or How to Mix Drinks). This fantastic collection of recipes was composed by one man. This Connecticut-born bartender who worked all over America and Europe was known as “The Professor”. Jerry Thomas created what could essentially be considered the encyclopedia of cocktails and mixed drinks for standard-bearer bartenders.

Being able to transport and create ice certainly helped the cocktail boom. So much so that not even Prohibition could stop it. Although it did change the theater, the World Wars brought it rapidly back to American shores and clashed with the Tiki Culture that was moving east. Bartenders took notice and worked hard to create a cocktail culture… Think Mad Men, Manhattans, or Martini Lunches.

At Pawley’s Raw Bar our bartenders have taken that to heart and created some of our own special drinks. They have worked hard to blend flavors paying close attention to all the important hidden notes that these combinations can produce while also helping provide our guests with exactly what they are looking for. Here are 5 options for you to consider on your next visit to Pawley’s Raw Bar.

1. Pawley’s Lemonade – a fantastic combination of Firefly sweet tea vodka and pink lemonade. Think Arnold Palmer with a little more kick.

2. Citrus Sunset – Svedka Citron Vodka, Admiral Nelson’s Coconut Rum, cranberry juice, and pineapple juice. One sip of this cocktail and you will think you are sitting on a beach.

3. Plantation Punch – Silver rum, Myer’s Dark Rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine. Light hints of vanilla, and almonds, with a smoky-sweet flavor, combined with the smooth citrus juices and finished with a slight tart, this cocktail is a favorite amongst our guests.

4. Pawley’s Bloody Mary – Tito’s vodka and tomato juice with a skewer of hickory smoked bacon, peel n’ eat shrimp, olive, celery, pickle spear, and cucumber. Garnished with Lemon and lime wedges. It is hard to ignore a high-quality bloody mary and this drink is exactly that. Enjoy this drink one time, and you will never want one from anywhere else!

5. Sunrise Margarita – Silver tequila, sour mix, orange juice, Blue Curacao, and a Grand Marnier floater. I don’t think we need to describe a margarita. We just put our Pawley’s Raw Bar twist on it and our guests love it!

Cocktails are fun and exciting and contain a depth of flavors not normally explored in other beverages. Couple that with a comfortable family-friendly environment focused on providing great food and great experiences to our guests, and you have the perfect make-up for a phenomenal evening. Come see us at Pawley’s Raw Bar. We can’t wait to serve you soon!

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