When you walk into Pawley’s Raw Bar you are immediately greeted with the smells of a seaside raw bar. You gather hints of fresh and cooked seafood, the smell of Old Bay seasonings, and hot sauce. The sounds of happiness and laughter coming from the bar as the bartender mixes fun, flavorful cocktails that perfectly compliment the offerings you find on the menu. At Pawley’s Raw Bar we are very well known for our southern seafood options, our eclectic environment, phenomenal service, and delicious cocktails. But what about some of the non-traditional items on our menu that may not fit that category? Join us this month as we discuss a few of those options.

Let’s start with our Smothered Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich features a chicken breast cooked the way you like it: blackened (blackened chicken is a chicken breast cooked in a mixture of dried herbs, onion powder, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper in a hot skillet), grilled, or fried and topped with grilled onions, hickory smoked bacon, Monterey jack, and house-made bangin’ sauce. This sandwich provides you with salty, sweet, and buttery flavors with the crisp bite of bacon and the smooth finish of our bangin sauce. If you are looking for something that isn’t fish, this is a great choice!

Next up is the Pawley’s Island Burger. Taking a few cues from our sister restaurant, River City Cafe, we take a flavorful beef patty and topped with cheddar cheese, an onion ring, and BBQ Sauce. We get it, a burger at a raw bar? But what about your friends who might not like raw bar options? I know, I know. They should try it, but this is a great burger and it lets you bring your family and friends to your favorite place and they can still get something to eat that they will love!

The last item we will share with you this month is our Black & Bleu Pork Chop This meaty, sweet but savory chop comes as an 8oz bone-in French-cut chop. We blackened and char broiled the chop and then topped it with bleu cheese crumbles. The bleu cheese crumbles add a sharp and salty element to the chop that can’t be ignored. The flavors in this dish are strong and pair perfectly with the garlic mashed potatoes and the vegetable of the day. You will not be disappointed.

The next time you walk into Pawley’s Raw Bar, share a smile, say hello, absorb the amazing smells, and have a cocktail, but before you order the same thing you ordered the last four or five times you visited, you should consider one of these items. They are different and definitely not the traditional raw bar-style items, but the flavors are fresh and fantastic and are certain to please the taste buds. Whether you are looking to try something new, or are bringing a friend that isn’t that into seafood, Pawley’s Raw Bar has what you are looking for.


Interested in our other menu items? Check us out online at www.pawleysrawbar.com. What to see what other restaurants are a part of the Diving Dining Group restaurant family? Visit www.divinedininggroup.com

We hope to serve you soon!