Welcome to the new Pawley’s Raw Bar Blog! We are excited to announce a few new things to Pawley’s Raw Bar! This blog will be a way for us to communicate things we feel important to our guests, share upcoming happenings, discuss why we do things the way we do and investigate certain ingredients you would find in our kitchen. 

A restaurant blog opens up all kinds of new possibilities and opportunities but first we must announce that we have updated our website! This new site is flashy with fun photos that make your mouth water! Besides technology has really advanced, why not take advantage of that We encourage you to spend some time looking through the site! You may find some things you never knew about us. 

It is with that in mind that we kick off our blog. A blog offers many benefits for a restaurant and its guests. Besides serving as an additional information source for our guests, a blog allows our guests to peer into the mind of our organization as we explore new things. Of course from a selfish perspective, it allows potential new guests to learn more about Pawley’s Raw Bar, and to be honest, we want to share Pawley’s Raw Bar with as many people as possible. We believe everyone should know about Pawley’s Raw Bar! 

On a fun side of things, we get to spend more time talking about our food with new and more in depth menu item descriptions, stories about special menu items, answer common questions, discuss customer involvement opportunities, feature employee successes, and share local and seasonal trends. Over all the goal is to engage with our guests more. 

We appreciate every guest and we like to engage with you both in our restaurants and through our social networks, and this blog gives us another opportunity to do that. We get to explore not only specific items on our menu, but can give tips to you at home on how to do similar things if you aren’t able to just stop by for dinner. We can discuss things like the health benefits of Australian Sea Bass, when the best time of year is to get fresh oysters is, give you a heads up on new merchandise, new menu options, and discuss market changes. 

A blog is also a great way to kick off a contest, focus on the restaurant experience, feature any specials, and discuss lifestyle tips that are inspired by the food (or vice versa)! Really, the possibilities are endless and we are very excited to share this with you and have you be a part of the roll out. 

So we welcome you to the new Pawley’s Raw Bar blog. Stop by for a green St. Patty’s Day bear, sit back, read and be entertained.